BLT Breakfast Bagels

As I’m writing this, an almighty thunderstorm is lashing against my windows. A darkness has set in and I am finding it so overwhelmingly comforting. Huge crashes of thunder and persistent rain. I am so amazingly ready for Autumn, I don’t know if you can tell?

Talking of comfort, I have a love hate relationship with bagels, mainly because they remind me of my hungover youth and trips to McDonald’s. Alas, I’ve stepped them up a gear here and made sure I chose a thinner variety. Sometimes all that dough just overwhelms everything else and it feels stodgy. I’ve given up the drinking, but I will never pass on an epic breakfast. I mean, I’d much rather have them for brunch after an epic lie in, but you know; toddlers.

BLT Breakfast Bagels | The Mother Cooker

30 Minutes or Less

Simple Spaghetti

Guys, I’ve given up bread. This is my fifth day without it and I can genuinely say that I am seeing buttery baguettes everywhere I look. So I have to fill the void with another carb, my main love: pasta. I suppose I’ve been quite good for a while now as I replaced white pasta with wholemeal quite some time ago. But I still like to indulge, this is one of the things I make on repeat for myself. It is super simple but amazingly delicious and if like me, you love tomatoes; this one is for you. Before I get to the recipe, I’d like to point you in the direction of this amazing pan my Mom bought me for my birthday. It’s a Paella pan from Wilko, but I genuinely think I will be cooking everything in it, everything.

Simple Spaghetti | The Mother Cooker