Hello, I’m Gem. I cook stuff you might like to eat.

I live in Birmingham, I know it’s not London but we have a Wasabi and Byron now which makes it pretty cool. I’m pretty Ok with a camera and chopping vegetables, so I decided to make a food blog. I’m also a mom, so multi tasking master is high on my list of achievements. I like to spend time pottering in the garden and watching Emmerdale, but don’t worry I’m only 32 and actually have a personality.

I’ve been blogging for 8 years now, 6 of them with a different blog, 2 with this brand. So I know my way around the internet. The Mother Cooker is ‘Food and fun for the whole family’, because I like to share food for you, your little and I also love to share some lifestyle elements. Love a tablescape? I’ve got you, want to bake something with no sugar for your little? I’ve got you, want to make a meringue the size of a small animal, yep I’ve got you.

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Brand collabs, recognition, features and certificates:

Shortlisted in the ‘Best of Pinterest UK 2016’ food & drink awards in the ‘Best Go To Recipe’ category for Hot & Sour Thai Prawn Noodles.

These brands thought I was Ok to work with: Public Desire, Matalan, Joseph Joseph, Boden, Lio Licious, Pyrex. If you’d like to work with me, that’d be nice. You can email me at gem@themothercooker.com.

Featured in: Birmingham Living Magazine, Clearly Magazine, CellarDoor Magazine, on Health.com, FirstForWomen.com.

Level 2 Qualification in ‘Food, Safety and Hygiene for Catering’.

Pinterest - Best of Pinterest Shortlisted for best go to recipe