Why it’s Ok to Feel Sexy as a Mother

Evie turns three in August and today, 989 days after she was born is the first time I’ve felt sexy. I don’t understand why feeling sexy as a mother is such a taboo. You spend all of your time pre-baby making yourself feel sexy, wanting to feel sexy and wanting other people to find you sexy; so why not after you become a mother? I don’t know why today is the day I’ve suddenly started to feel sexy again, but I had a bath, looked at my body and finally accepted that it was great. Yes I have cellulite, yes I don’t look the same as I did before having a child, but I look bloody good! I think learning to accept and enjoy the body you have is so enlightening. It’s not wrong to feel sexy as a mother, why shouldn’t we feel sexy? Just because we spend most of our days looking after small humans, doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves in the process. I think in the beginning it is so natural to do that, but as time passes it’s totally Ok to invest that time in ourselves again.