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Evie’s Favourite Books

I’m finally getting around to writing this, after wanting to share Evie’s favourite books for such a long time. E is such a bookworm and it is something I am most proud of. Me and her Dad have read to her since the day she was born, even through all of that newborn exhaustion, we always found time to read to her. Her first ever books were ‘Slow Snail’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. She still has them, but her library has grown vastly. That wouldn’t have been possible without Sarah at Penguin, she is quite possibly one of the nicest humans around. Her love of books is so enthralling, you are simply drawn in. I can’t thank her enough, for all of her and Penguin’s generosity. Evie literally lights up when she gets books in the mail.

Evie's Corner - Favourite Books | The Mother Cooker
Like all toddlers, Evie will go through phases and for a little while she would close every book we were reading half way through it. No, she would say and grab another just to repeat the process. Thankfully she has come through that and will grab books throughout the day, sometimes alone in her tepee, in her book corner or she’ll pass me one to read to her. I tend to leave pockets of books around the house, so she can grab one wherever she may be.

Most of the books above are ones she will ask us to read over and over again. I have to say that I adore nearly all of them, especially Lion Inside, Grandad’s Island and Love. Love is such a beautiful book inside, it has beautiful imagery laced with stunning gold gilding. Oi Frog makes me and her Dad laugh, The Bumblebear is a great story and The Gruffalo is not only one of Evie’s favourite stories, but she also went through a stage where she would watch it every single day after her nap. It transcends so beautifully on screen if you haven’t watched it yet. I would highly recommend all of the above books for your little, with a mixture of great sentiment, life lessons and laughter, along with stunning imagery. They really are a great bunch!

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