New for 2018

Hello and happy new year! I won’t be back in to the routine until next week, but I wanted to pop on and let you know what to expect in the way of newness from the site this year. Now that Evie is more independent and settled at nursery, I feel it is the right time to really throw my weight behind ‘my brand’. Gosh, that sounds like such a millennial cliche doesn’t it. But I am The Mother Cooker and I am sincerely proud of what I have achieved. I just haven’t had the time to dedicate myself to it fully, being a mother had to come first and it always will. But I have so many ideas and something has clicked in me to really put the work in this year. Maybe it’s that I think we are finally settled in this new house (we’ve moved four times in two years), I have an office and a bigger kitchen etc.

The first thing you might notice is that ‘Evie’s Corner’ has now changed to ‘The Little Cooker’, mainly because Dey bought Evie the cutest apron to match mine with her very own matching logo. I simply had to change it and I feel it’s a little less personal. I will be dedicating a lot more content to food for little’s this year, it always does really well and I get inundated with mothers asking me for help. But without further rambling, below are the new categories for this year. I’d love any feedback via Twitter or Instagram.



For a long time, I spilled words on to white pages from the very core of my soul. I would sit up at night and allow the words to fall from my thoughts on to a keyboard, to share with strangers I had never met. My shoulders would feel lighter, my mind clearer. I stopped, I stopped because motherhood clouded my mind, time and confidence. I fell out of love with sharing so much when I felt so, fragile.