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Hot & Sour Thai Prawn Noodles | The Mother Cooker

Hot & Sour Red Thai Prawn Noodles

Thai food is high on my list of favourite foods, add seafood and I am sold. Totally and utterly sold. We have a great Chinese market here in Birmingham and when I paid a visit the other day, I picked up some egg noodles with the intention of making this […]

Vegan Green Goddess Wraps | The Mother Cooker
Lunch, Vegetarian

Vegan Green Goddess Wraps

I love getting requests from readers, you can get in touch with me via my hashtag which is #TMCimhungryfor and let me know what you would like to see on the blog. My good friend Michelle asked if I could feature some vegetarian recipes, so I thought I’d kick things […]

Sugar free seeded banana muffins | The Mother Cooker

Seeded Banana Muffins

Don’t you just love the smell of cinnamon? I know we are only in June but Autumn will roll around quicker than you can blink. But for now I am savouring summer and keeping Autumn alive by cooking a batch of my seeded banana muffins. These came about because¬†I was […]

Shredded Jerk Chicken tacos

Shredded Jerk Chicken Tacos

I fist made these last week and the response from my picture on Twitter was awesome, so I don’t need an excuse to make them again. So today I whipped up another batch to share with you, went a step further today and grilled the chicken on the BBQ. Any […]

Roasted tomato and Poscuitto Pasta

Roasted tomato & garlic prosciutto pasta

If you make this, I promise the smell that fills your house is worth it alone. Sweet bubbling tomatoes, garlic and chilli waft out of the pan like nectarine for tomato lovers like me. Now if you have a friend or spouse that doesn’t like tomatoes, like my husband…they’ll still […]

Eggs and Avocado on toast

Eggs and Avo on toast

This Mexican inspired breakfast is one of my favourite things to eat, packed full of flavour with or without meat. If I have some bacon in the fridge, I’ll whack that on too. This breakfast fills me up until lunch time, I don’t even get a twinge of hunger. With […]