A Little Notice

Chocolate and Berry Meringue Cake | The Mother Cooker

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about this corner of the internet, my creative space. I’m starting to feel a little constrained, like I want to break out of a box…I guess a lunchbox is the most appropriate box to compare it to. I have all of this creative energy, but I’ve clipped the box shut for a long time. Food is my main love, but I am so creative in other ways. I love gardening, flower arranging, decorating, craft, photography, writing, art and music. So I’ve decided to expand The Mother Cooker umbrella, so from now on you won’t just be seeing recipes, you will see a whole range of creative posts.

I find it really difficult to come up with recipes every week, mainly due to time constraints, but also because of money. Being a food blogger is actually rather expensive, food, props, more food. So of course I will continue to share recipes with you, but I want to put more effort into making them GREAT. An awful lot of you miss my old blog ‘From Gem With Love’ and part of me misses it too. I had so much creative freedom with it and I feel I have forced myself into a corner with this blog, because I started it mainly as a food blog and then got scared that I would alienate the audience I built up from scratch again. But I want this site to be an extension of my personality, to represent a truer me.

I hope you are as excited as me for this journey and that you will love everything I have planned.