Gardening Terms Explained

If you are a new gardener, there are a lot of terms and phrases to learn. I often forget that people might not have the slightest idea what I’m talking about when I say things like ‘transplant’ and ‘pot on’. So today I thought I would create a post that explains and breaks down all of the most common gardening terms.

I really hope these help you understand gardening language. Gardening can be quite overwhelming when you have so much to remember. Perhaps print this out or save it on your phone? That way, you will always be able to understand the gardening lingo.

Gardening Terms Explained | The Mother Cooker

Lay the Table

Hosting Brunch: 5 Top Tips

Hosting brunch is one of my favourite things to do, I simply love hosting. Nothing brings me more joy than making the table look super pretty and inviting. Serving my friends delicious food, whilst we chat the day away. This past weekend, I hosted an Easter themed brunch for my friends. It was a huge success, so I thought I would share five of my top hosting tips with you.

5 Tips for Hosting Brunch | The Mother Cooker