Gift Guide: Cookbooks

To say I am invested in cookbooks is a bit of an understatement. When we recently moved home, I had more boxes of books than anything else. Ok so plates came a close second, but my books are amongst my most prized possessions. I really do have a hefty collection now, but I’m sharing with you a batch that I bought this year. I feel a cookbook is a gift that keeps on giving, and along with a Delicious magazine subscription is all I really ask for. So without further ado, lets tuck in.

Cookbooks Worth Buying | The Mother Cooker

The Spice Tree
This book is sublime, I bought it after seeing it in a magazine and I was not disappointed. If you have anyone who loves Indian food, making curries from scratch or just wants to learn about the base of Indian spices, then buy them this book. With clear tree diagrams of what elements make what. it is informative, easy to follow and the recipes are absolutely delicious. But what I love most is, you can experiment. With the base knowledge, the world really is your oyster. I’ve cooked from it A LOT. Find it here.

Quick and Easy Food
I was sceptical about this book, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon straight away. In fact I think it was my Husband that pushed for us to get it after seeing that meatball sub on the TV. But it truly is a triumph, I’ve always been a Jamie Oliver fan. This book is an ideal gift for someone who lacks time, as most of the recipes are quick, but nearly all of them are straightforward. That’s the magic of having few ingredients, even a novice cook could make a great meal. I highly recommend ‘Sausage Cabonara’, find it here.

26 Grains
Alex is not only an inspiration but she really has made grains interesting. After seeing her Instagram featured in Jamie magazine, I looked her up and ordered her book there and then. She has a cafe in Neal’s Yard, London that serves delicious porridge, savoury dishes, soups and snacks. All a encompassed in her book, a great addition to anyone’s library and a great gift for a vegetarian or vegan friend. Everything looks simply beautiful too, find it here.

Mac n Cheese
This book is out of this world indulgent, but you have to expect that from Mac n Cheese right? Otherwise why are you here, you know? With an array of different recipes, toppings and sides, you can tackle how to make the perfect batch of mac. With a few cocktails, puddings and the unbelievable addition that is ‘Machos’, this book is a true crowd pleaser. An absolute comfort that I turn to again and again, because it’s pasta and cheese. I don’t think I have to explain myself any further. If you don’t buy it for someone else, buy it for yourself. Find it here.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
This book is quite possibly one of my favourites I’ve bought this year. I feel it would be a great gift for someone who is really interested and invested in cooking. It’s not only a very informative book, it is great to read. With salt, fat, acid and heat being the base elements for any dish, it is a great insight in how to use them to your advantage in cooking and get the best out of yourself and your meal. I genuinely treat it like a cooking bible and it has improved my cooking ten fold. It has beautiful illustrations and Samin writes so eloquently, a great investment. Find it here.

Similar to 26 Grains, this book is for someone who wants to master breakfast. It is packed full of absolutely delicious and mind blowingly beautiful breakfasts. From overnight oats to on the hob oats, you’ll never be short of ideas. Ok so maybe I wont be popping edible flowers on to my morning bowl, but I’ll certainly be eating things from this book until I turn in to an oat. Wholesome, healthy, filling and beautifully broken down chapters. Find it here.

The Roasting Tin
There aren’t many things more satisfying, than being able to cook a meal in one pan. The Roasting Tin covers breakfast, dinner and dessert. With amazing recipes that will please everyone, hassle free and delicious. From salads to Seabass. This book would again suit someone with little time and experience, but still packing in flavoursome recipes. I really love it as a busy Mom and it has helped me out of a ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ moment a few times. Find it here.

Layered is an amazing book for a baker in your life, varying from simple to complex bakes. I used two recipes from this back in October to create two stunning 21st birthday cakes. I can honestly say that the strawberry cream cheese filling is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Tessa has done a great job of breaking down the elements so they aren’t confusing and there really are some showstoppers in here. An extremely great addition to someone’s collection. I really do love it and it is a firm favourite whenever I want to bake a cake. Find it here.

Bowls of Goodness
Is exactly what it says on the tin, a book packed full of goodness. An amazing collection of vegetarian recipes that will fill you up from your head to your toes. Great addition for anyone who takes their own lunch to work, likes to batch cook or simply revels in big bowls of beautiful vegetarian food. This will always be a firm favourite when wanting delicious vegetarian recipe ideas. Find it here.

Other books I highly recommend: Japaneasy, Lunchbox Salads, The Christmas Chronicles, Rick Stein’s Mexico and How to Eat Brilliantly Everyday.