Why it’s Ok to Feel Sexy as a Mother

Evie turns three in August and today, 989 days after she was born is the first time I’ve felt sexy. I don’t understand why feeling sexy as a mother is such a taboo. You spend all of your time pre-baby making yourself feel sexy, wanting to feel sexy and wanting other people to find you sexy; so why not after you become a mother? I don’t know why today is the day I’ve suddenly started to feel sexy again, but I had a bath, looked at my body and finally accepted that it was great. Yes I have cellulite, yes I don’t look the same as I did before having a child, but I look bloody good! I think learning to accept and enjoy the body you have is so enlightening. It’s not wrong to feel sexy as a mother, why shouldn’t we feel sexy? Just because we spend most of our days looking after small humans, doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves in the process. I think in the beginning it is so natural to do that, but as time passes it’s totally Ok to invest that time in ourselves again.

Last week was the first time I’ve bought myself matching underwear since becoming a mother, I’ve been living in the same maternity bra that I bought at 8 months pregnant. Why? I don’t know, I guess I didn’t feel like I was allowed to be sexy. I felt that my sole duty was to care for my child and I guess I sort of forgot about myself in the process. In a way, I forgot how to be sexy. But this week I got my hair cut and coloured how I wanted it, I painted my nails, bought myself some high heels and matching underwear. I started investing time into my skin, not just on my face but on my body. For so long I have avoided paying attention to my body, I’ve worn the same jeans and jumper for a long time. It’s only the past few months that I’ve really invested in making myself feel great with clothes again. But they still hid my body, I’ve been wearing trousers or long skirts. I’m 5’11 with great legs, why aren’t I showing them off? Because I’m a mother? I’ve decided to stop, to invest time in making myself feel and look great.

I think so many women are under the impression that they can’t be sexy anymore now they are a mother, and I think that’s a load of shit. It’s time to start embracing the body we have, to feel confident in our new skin, to stop caring what other people think and focus on what makes us feel good. So as I sit here in my matching underwear, after parading around the house thinking I’m a goddess, I urge you to do the same. Because you are sexy, you’re allowed to be sexy and you should be sexy.

Not for anybody else, but for yourself.