The Mother Cooker’s 1st Birthday

Guys, I can’t tell you how happy I am to share the new site with you, all in celebration of its first birthday. When I decided to start this in the spring of 2016 I was full of apprehension. I had so many ideas, I wanted to make this in to a site for fellow Mother’s to feel inspired. Food ended up taking the forefront and for a long time, I was completely happy with that. But as my first birthday was approaching, I decided now was the time to go with my original plan. Food will still play a major part of the site, it’s my passion. But with an active toddler, I find it difficult to cook and shoot a few times every week. So I will be introducing other aspects.

The Mother Cooker

Evie’s corner is everything toddler, food, books, fashion, craft and interiors will all feature here eventually. I want fellow mother’s to know that they can turn to me if they are stuck for a snack or mid week meal for their children. Hopefully over time I will build a big enough catalogue, bursting with inspiration. But I haven’t forgotten about all the people without children, I’ll be regularly updating my meals to cook under 30 minutes. I’ve introduced a section called ‘Meals for One’. I’ve been working on lunch ideas, I’ve added a section called ‘Lay the Table’. I’m hoping to keep my content accessible for everyone, with a variety to please all.

I really am striving for quality over quantity now and I really hope that you will love and enjoy all of the new ideas. The site should be much easier to use on mobile and I hope you enjoy the new aesthetic. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the year!